P5 Texture Tutorial

Loading Textures onto Victoria 2 in The Poser 5 Material Room

1) Start up P5 and Load Victoria 2
2) Enter the Material room
3) Below is a screenshot of the Material Room with some descriptions

4) Select Figure 1 (Victoria) using the Object drop down menu,

5) SkinHead is the first body part in the list, so is selected

6) Next click on the node button (shown above) that is to the right of Diffuse_Color and drag to the right (you will notice a string ataching it to the Diffuse_Color line

7) Click anywhere on the right side grey and a pop up menu will appear, only one choice so
Select New Node/2D Textures/image_map

8) This will create the Node that will allow you to load a texture map, move the node, or move the sliders so you can see the new node

9) Click on where it says 'None' on the Image_source line

10) Click 'Browse' on the pop up menu and locate your head texture

11) Click 'open' then 'Ok'

12) The head map has now loaded, Click on the Colour box on the Diffuse_color line and change it to white

13) Because Vicky 3 has more head parts than body parts to apply textures to, I would suggest, applying
the head textures to all parts and then loading the body maps individually once that is done
The advantage of doing this is that all the image nodes will be automatically set up, and the diffuse colour will be set to white

14) Make sure that the Image_Map Node is selected (click on it). click on the Node Menu triangle and choose 'Apply to all...'
A warning will come up, click 'ok'
Next make sure that the PoserSurface box is selected and repeat the step above

15) Ok, she should now be looking much more human! Let's start with the eyebrows because we all know Vicki is vain and those
eyebrows really cramp her style!

15a) On the Material Drop down menu select UpperEyebrows

If the Eyebrows are Painted onto the texture Map do as Follows:

i) Find the 'Transparency' line, and change the value to 1 (click on the white numbers to change)
Check that the Transparency_Falloff' value is 0, if not change it to 0

If the Eyebrows are a Transparency Map do as Follows:

i) Click and drag the node button on the 'Transparency' line, Select New Node/2D Textures/image_map

ii) Load the transparency map in the same way that we loaded the texture map above

iii) Change the value on the 'Transparency' line to 1 (click on the white numbers to change)
Check that the Transparency_Falloff' value is 0, if not change it to 0

iv) In the event that the colour of the eyebrows is not represented on the head texture map, Change the Diffuse_color to the desired colour

17) On the Material Drop down menu select Eyelashes, follow the instructions for loading an Eyebrow trans map above (loading the Eyelash Trans instead of the Eyebrow trans map

18) On the Material Drop down menu select Eyeballs, change the value on the Transparency line to 1
and the Transparency_Falloff value to 0

19) On the Material Drop down menu select SkinBody, and load the body map into the node as we did the head texture map
clicking on the white file name to bring up the browse pop up box

20) load the body texture in the same way for the Nipples, Toenails and Fingernails, and the texture should now be fully loaded

21) Now on to Bump Maps!! It is almost the same as loading texture maps

i) Add a new node onto the 'Displacement' line (New Node/2D Textures/image_map)

ii) Browse to find your bump map, this can be in either .jpg form or in .bum form (both will load)

iii) Set the Displacement value at NO MORE THAN 0.01 or the model will appear to break up on rendering

iv) Load the bump maps for each body part, alternatively select the node and 'Apply to All...' from the Node menu
and change the bump maps loaded as I suggested for the Texture map, though remember parts like the eyes will not
look good with a bump map applied

22) And That's it!! It's a complicated process but once you have applied the texture, see below for my notes on making a MAT Pose file
for your figure so you don't have to keep doing this!


To remove a node from say the transparency line, Click on the node button on that line and select
'Disconnect', To reconnect a node once it has been disconnected, Click and drag on the top left
hand button on the node and drag to the node button of the line you want to connect to then release

Make a a MAT Pose file for your figures use this guide to create a MAT Pose file
to save time, it's easy when you know how!

This is a very basic guide and only covers the basic operations, I am still learning this myself!!
But I hope you find it helpfull