Textures by Tuesday's Country Chic


Textures by Tuesday's Cuntry Chic

Introducing The Country Chic Collection for The V3 Morphing Fantasy Dress. This collection of Dresses has been created with versatility in mind and can be used in a Mix and Match fashion. The set takes advantage of the material zones already present in the Morphing fantasy dress and the transparency maps add aditional options. The MAT files include 15 default dress MATs for one click application as well as 12 base textures. The base textures include 4 full dresses as well as 4 skirts and 4 tops, there are 24 customizing options that can be used over the base dresses to alter the style to suit your own needs. The 18 transparency MAT options will not affect the texture maps aplied to the model and are designed to be used over the base textures, as a result these transparency options can in theory be used over any texture for the Morphing Fantasy dress, depending on the design of the texture.


6 Texture Maps for V3's Morphing Fantasy Dress
5 Transparency Maps for V3's Morphing Fantasy Dress

MAT Pose Files:

15 Default Dress MAT Pose Files
12 Base Texture MAT Pose Files
18 Transparency Only MAT Pose Files
6 Neck Only MAT Pose Files
1 MAT Pose File to hide the bodyhandles

Requirements : You must own the V3 Morphing Fantasy Dress available here in the Daz 3d Store in order to use these textures

There are no models included in this pack

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