Textures by Tuesday's Ta Prohm

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Textures by Tuesday's Ta Prohm

Take your Adventurer into undiscovered territory, with this set of Cyclorama Textures, featuring images from the stunning Khmer Temple of Ta Prohm. This temple left in a 'Natural' State evokes the wonder that the early explorers must have experienced when discovering this site for the first time, perfect for your adventurous digital characters! And these textures are fantastical enough to make fine fantasy backdrops, a hidden realm perhaps or a fantasy city? Let your imagination decide!


4 High Resolution (2048x2560) Photographic Backgrounds Preloaded onto 4 Pre-Sized Cr2s
1 High Resolution (1556x3200) Photographic Background Preloaded onto a Pre-Sized Cr2

Requirements : You must own Daz's Multiplane Cyclorama available here in the Daz 3d Store in order to use these textures

There are no models included in this pack

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