Making MAT Pose Files

Creating MAT Pose Files Using The MAT Pose Edit Utility

Things You will Need before we Start

1) The Amazing MAT Pose Edit by Scourge available Here

2) You may need to download and install some .dll files available here in the Troubleshooting section

Install MAT Pose Edit

Ok, Let's Get Started

In this tutorial I will show you the steps to go through in order to create a MAT Pose File for your figures Using MAT Pose Edit, This tutorial will work in exactly the same way for Poser 4

1) Using P5 or P4 load the textures using the materials menu or room, when you are happy with the textures:

2) Open the Figures Library, and go to New Figures, infact anywhere in the character folder will do but I like to use the New Figures Folder
3) Make sure your figure is selected and click the 'plus' sign to add the figure to the library , Enter a New Name for the figure and click Ok

4) Open MAT Pose Edit, which should look like the screenshot above

5) Select File/Open/Character File

6) Browse to find the Character File you saved above, you should find it here, Runtime/Libraries/Character/New Characters/ Filename, and Open

7) The File will open, click 'No' when it asks if you want to add morph and pose data

8) Note: If you are working with P5, the material list may look a little odd, with multiple list of body parts, I don't think that this affects the pose file and so can be ignored

9) Next select File/Save As, browse to where you want to save the Pose file, Note. This pose file MUST be saved somewhere in the Libraries/Pose Folder to work, but can be saved anywhere that is convenient within that folder, choose a file name and save

10) Ok, That's all there is to it!! you can now use the Pose file in the regular way to apply the textures to your figure