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Curious Labs

The Home of Poser

Daz 3d

has a Great Store selling loads of excellent Poser Products and offers weekly freebies


Large Graphic Artist's community with a large free section (members only, free to join)


Renderosity Web Ring

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Free section, open to all, home of The Infinity Cove
Runtime DNA
Free section, open to all
The 3D Arena


Poses for Daz's Gremlin
The Eclectic Guild

Excellent Free poses by Schlabber
Posing is an Art 3


Textures for Daz's Fairy, Mermaid and more
Handspan Studios
Baby Textures
Baby Things
Poser Characters and more
Poser Junction
Imaginary Poser Characters
Character of The Month
Fairy wings and Characters
Morphs Tutorials and more
Morph World 3.0

Poser Women

Period Dresses and Characters
Poser Junction
Period Clothing by Serge Marcks
Poser Fashion
Eyelash Transmap for Posette
Futuristic Clothing, morphs and props for Victoria
Awful Soul
Characters, and Props by Yamoto and Masa
Masa's Poser Pages
P4 Female Textures, loads of choice!
Happy Worldland

Poser Men

6 Textures for the P4 Dork
Briar Rose
photo realistic textures for the men!
Ethnic Character morphs for Michael
Eirian's Dreams
Textures, clothing, Schlabber's male poses
Comic Book characters, clothing morphs, clothing textures
Ironclad Studios
Textures for The P4 Male and Daz's Michael
John on The Run
a Loin cloth, T-Shirt textures for Daz's Michael
Bernie's Downloads


No Restrictions
Public Textures
Textures for Everything!
photo textures (subscription)
3D Texture World
Seamless realistic texture tiles
You are here!!! :o)
Textures by Tuesday
Models, textures and photos
3D Cafe
Seamless Texture Tiles
Ender Designs
Seamless Texture Tiles
AAA Backgrounds


Props, and the place to Download Objaction Mover
Sandy Lodge
The place to Download UV Mapper
UV Mapper
The place to Download Maconverter
Props, and the place to Download P3do FXplorer
Seno Software
Poser into Bryce Utility


A Parrot
Sector 3D
Whiskers, textures and poses for the P4 Cat
Jackie's Stuff for Poser
Animal morphs, Textures, Accessories (saddles, bridles etc)
3D Menagerie


Regular Free download from PhilC, usually clothes but not always
PhilC Designs Ltd
Regular Free download from this Excellent Subscription Site
Poser World
Impractical Poser clothing and the essential EMC Fix
Nerd's 3D
Large selection of Clothing Items for all the Poser family
Ghastley Software
Headgear and other wearable items for your poser people


Good furniture props in .3DS format
Tony Lynch Designs
Helmut's Gypsy Wagon and assorted Textures
Darrens EFX
Download models from Movies in 3DS format
Movie Meshes
Some nice looking Props, Furniture, Pots
The Artist's Gallery
Furniture and Props for the home
Kit 3D
Sharkey's Amazon Palace Remapped for Poser
Castle Development Group
A Large archive of models
Baumgarten Enterprises
Canoe models and more, and textures
free models, regularly updated
Sam's 3D
Models, textures and photos
3D Cafe
Props, headgear, personal items and more


Spotlight control, body morph Tutorials
Winscape 2001
Texturing and UV Mapper Tutorials
Graphics Muse
Morphs Tutorials and more
Morph World 3.0
Explains ERC(Enhanced Remote Control) also crosstalk fix
A Large selection of Poser Tutorials
Poser Arcana
How to create photo realistic Poser textures from a photo
Cake One
Advanced Tutorials, using wave deformers, creating breathing figures
Painting hair, clothes tutorials by Will Kramer